U.S. Debut of Voxativ Zeth and Hagen Loudspeakers

Voxativ & highend-electronics announce the U.S. Debut of Voxativ Zeth and Hagen Loudspeakers:

Apple Valley, CA June 4, 2016:

highend-electronics and Voxativ are very proud to announce the U.S. debut of the brand new Voxativ Zeth floor-standing and Hagen bookshelf/stand-mounted loudspeakers.

The Voxativ Zeth Loudspeaker System
This year, Voxativ is proud to present the North America public debut of the latest additions to the Voxativ Loudspeaker family. Zeth, the new floor-standing loudspeaker is charming down to the last detail. $9,900.

Hagen Bookshelf/Stand Loudspeaker System
The sculptural shape of the Voxativ Hagen system, combined with its full and rich sound impression is again one of the best full-range loudspeakers in the world, all in an audiophile stand-mounted speaker system. Stands for Hagen are also available from Voxativ, or it feels right at home in a bookshelf.

Voxativ T-211 Integrated Amplifier
… the prettiest way to drive your high efficiency speakers. 12 watts of single-ended 211 tube sound.

The Voxativ 211-based integrated amplifier is a 100 lbs. (45 kg) beauty. It is inbuilt in a one-piece housing that is milled out of a 150 lbs (63kg) aluminium block. The outside surface is anodized, not painted. The internal circuit is a compete direct-through. Also used: Masaaki Oshima output transformers.

On request this amplifier is equipped with a preamp-out stage to drive the Voxativ 9.87 speaker or woofer system. Handmade by the team of Voxativ in Fulda/Germany. Factory lead-time is 4 weeks. With Standard Output Transformer $13,900. With Oshima Output Transformer $16,900.

Based in Germany, Voxativ manufactures the internationally-acclaimed high-end loudspeaker systems, as well as its line of amplifiers and cables. And not to forget – the entire line of high-end, full-range drive units. Voxativ originally made its name with a modernized and highly-refined version of the classic Lowther full-range driver. H. Adler, founder and designer of Voxativ, began experimenting with widebanders in the 1980s. After finishing her engineering studies with a master’s degree, she worked for Daimler’s Mercedes Benz, developing engine electronics, ECUs and software, holding 14 patents on diesel combustion, injection and exhaust treatments. In the late 90s Ines wanted to optimize her widebanders, experimenting again, producing very promising results, the basis for the current Voxativ product line.

highend-electronics, inc. is a high-end audio retailer catering to the most discerning clientele of music lovers with an appetite for the finest in high-end reference audio components, and is owned and operated by Alfred Kainz – an audiophile himself with over 15 years of experience. Founded in Vienna, Austria, highend-electronics is now based in Apple Valley, CA. Here in the U.S. highend-electronics has earned a reputation for premiering high-quality European high-end audio products in the U.S. and establishing their presence within the audiophile base of U.S. music lovers.

Please visit us at the show in Rooms 304 & 317, and at our websites www.highend-electronics.com and www.voxativ.com. Contact us if you need any additional information. ### end ###

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