See Prism Sound Audiophile & Prism Sound Test and Measurement

the-show-newport-eblastSee Prism Sound Audiophile & Prism Sound Test and Measurement at the T.H.E Show Newport – Room 437

Prism Sound Audiophile

CALLIA – Music playback the way it should be.

CALLIA is a USB and S/PDIF digital preamplifier incorporating the finest Digital to Analogue converter technology with line level outputs, plus an independent low-impedance headphone output channel with its own volume control. For your stereo loudspeaker system or headphone listening, Callia is the new reference.

Prism Sound do not mass produce electronics. Our products are specialized performance devices built for the most discerning listeners where sophisticated and innovative technologies set them apart. Prism Sound has been building world-leading digital audio products for over 28 years and has built an enviable reputation for unbeatable performance and technical excellence. Callia sets a new standard of neutrality and sonic excellence that immerses you in the musical experience.

Visit www.prismsound.com/callia for full product and specification detail

Prism Sound Test and Measurement

The dScope Series III will be on display at THE Show. dScope Series III is a well proven audio analyzer system suitable for R&D and production applications with full automation via internal VBScript interpreter or ActiveX/Com. dScope Series III provides a real-time audio analyzer plus high resolution FFT analysis, digital interface analyzer and more.

Bring your product along to our booth and have it measured by dScope Series III for free!

Visit http://www.prismsound.com/test for full product and specification detail