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Premiere: Darin Fong Audio Showing “OUT OF YOUR HEAD” Software

Game-Changing Advanced Audio Software That Replicates Listening to High-End Speakers Using Only Headphones

San Diego, CA, June 2, 2016–Darin Fong Audio will be exhibiting Out Of Your Head software at THE Show Newport 2016. Out Of Your Head is advanced audio software that replicates the experience of listening to high-end speakers using only headphones. This advanced software, which works with all major media playback software and any set of headphones, is a game-changer in the audio and video playback industry, as it does away with the need for high-end speaker listening systems and surround-sound home theater systems for the individual user.

Out Of Your Head allows the listener to listen to audio with the sound of different speakers and home theater systems with the affordability, privacy, and portability of just headphones. The sound is no longer inside your head, like conventional headphones—it comes from “out of your head,” as it does when you are listening to speakers and home theater systems.

The latest version of Out Of Your Head is now suitable for gaming. With an all new low latency engine, now gamers can experience a full 7.1 speaker system while gaming. A new low cost gamer version is also now available for only $24.95.

Out Of Your Head now also supports ROON playback and has improved compatibility with more DACs including the ASUS Xonar Essence.

Developed by audiovisual engineer and web design specialist Darin Fong, in San Diego, California, Out Of Your Head is a breakthrough in audio processing software for headphones. It allows the listener to experience their music or movie as if they were actually sitting in the room with the speakers that were measured—but without having to actually be there.

“Think of it as audio ‘virtual reality,’” says Fong. “If you close your eyes while listening to Out Of Your Head, you can ‘hear’ the exact location of each of the speakers in the room. You can even hear the sound reflecting off the walls. You can hear the difference between different models and brands of speakers.”

**To download a free trial of Out Of Your Head, please visit http://www.fongaudio.com.

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