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Rooms 1346 & 1347

Brands featured: Magnepan, Harman, ModWright, Sony, Ortofon, Nakamichi, Channel Islands, Skogrand Cables.

And of course… fine wine, limoncello, and snacks all within a room full of bliss lighting effects… you know, the usual NFS Audio vibe you can count on.NFS

Premiere: All New from Linear Tube Audio

Playing with Vapor Audio in room 208 (2nd floor):

WLPSpresse at Linear Tube Audio will be launching the production model of our ZOTL40 power amplifier at T.H.E. Show Newport (a prototype was heard at last year’s RMAF). 

Headphones at booth H16 (main floor Marketplace):

ZMFLTAOmniPressThe products we’ll have that are new for 2016 but we also showed at AXPONA are the LTA Linear Power Supply and the ZMF Headphones and Linear Tube Audio Omni Limited Edition (ZMF&LTA Omni LE) headphones. 


Press Release: Premiere: AudioQuest DragonFly

Contact: Stephen Mejias
AudioQuest, VP Communications
Phone: (949) 585-0111

AudioQuest DragonFly Black & DragonFly Red: Improved Performance, Greater Value, Compatibility with Apple and Android Mobile Devices

IRVINE, Calif., April 2016—Since 2012, press and public alike have enthusiastically embraced AudioQuest’s multi-award-winning DragonFly USB digital-to-analog converter as the rare audio product that bridges the gap between die-hard audiophiles and mainstream music lovers.

While the original DragonFly defined the market for micro-DACs, its USB power draw made it compatible with computers only. Since DragonFly’s inception, music enthusiasts have expressed strong interest in an even more portable version—one that could be reliably used with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Now, there are two new DragonFly models that achieve that and more: DragonFly Black ($99 US, €99, £89, $129 CAD) and DragonFly Red ($199 US, €199, £169, $249 CAD)—both scheduled to begin shipping to dealers this month.

AudioQuest and DragonFly designer Gordon Rankin worked alongside Microchip Technology to develop the PIC32MX—a new high-performance, full-speed USB microcontroller solution that delivers improved signal-to-noise ratio and significantly lower power consumption. Drawing 77% less current than the previous microcontroller, the new Microchip PIC32MX microcontroller enables true compatibility with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets*.

For greater overall performance, the new DragonFly models also incorporate improved 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC chips—the 9010 in Black and the higher-performance 9016 in Red—both of which employ minimum-phase filtering for naturally detailed, more authentic sound. While DragonFly Black uses the same high-quality headphone amp and analog volume control found in the original model, DragonFly Red includes the latest ESS headphone amp and a bit-perfect digital volume control that resides on the 9016 DAC chip itself—a sophisticated implementation that ensures maximum fidelity, dynamic contrast, and signal-to-noise ratio.

DragonFly Black will output 1.2 volts—enough power to successfully drive all preamplifier input circuits and a wide range of today’s efficient headphones. Meanwhile, with its higher 2.1-volt output, DragonFly Red will be compatible with a wider range of headphones, including power-hungry, low-efficiency models.

In addition, the new DragonFlys will be software upgradeable through a complimentary Windows or OS X desktop application. As new developments arise in music player applications, streaming protocols, or other associated software, DragonFly users will be able to incorporate those updates to their existing devices.


Introduced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, DragonFly Black and DragonFly Red were named “Stars of CES” by What Hi-Fi? Magazine.

In his glowing reviews,’s John Darko concluded, “DragonFly Red and Black are the finest examples of everyman hifi to ever grace these pages. Their value quotients explode the dial.”


Dragonfly v2-4Dragonfly v2-7NEWDragonFly Black & DragonFly Red

  • Play all music files: MP3 to high-resolution
  • Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices (requires Apple Camera Adaptor or Made for Android/OTG adaptor)
  • Asynchronous Class 1 USB data transfer using the StreamlengthTM protocol
  • Fixed output feeds preamp or A/V receiver

DragonFly Black

  • Medium output (1.2 volts) drives a wide range of headphones
  • 32-bit ESS 9010 DAC with minimum-phase filter
  • Analog volume control

DragonFly Red

  • High output (2.1 volts) drives almost all headphones, including power-hungry models
  • 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC with minimum-phase filter
  • Bit-perfect digital volume control

For a complete DragonFly Comparison Chart, click here. For additional information, visit

*Note: For use with Apple iOS devices, Apple’s Lightning-to-USB Camera Adaptor is required; for use with Android devices, a Made for Android (OTG) adaptor, such as our DragonTail USB Adaptor For Android Devices (shipping in May), is required.

Visit AudioQuest in room 341 and Marketplace booth H17.

Premiere: Vandersteen Audio Subwoofer Prototype

Model Seven Mk IIs and the M7-HPA amps

Model Seven Mk IIs and the M7-HPA amps

Vandersteen Audio will be unveiling a radical new powered-subwoofer prototype that is a perfect complement to our flagship Powered-Speaker System with integrated room EQ, which also includes our Model Seven Mk II and liquid-cooled M7-HPA amplifiers.

Vandersteen Audio will be in Room 341 (3rd floor) with Optimal Enchantment.


Press Release: Premiere: Eddie™ Loudspeaker

EVOKE Loudspeakers and NuPRIME Audio Launch New Products at “T.H.E. Show” in Newport Beach, CA

EVOKE Loudspeakers launches their first product “Eddie”, powered by NuPRIME Electronics with WyWires Cables at the prestigious audiophile “T.H.E. Show” in Newport Beach, CA on June 2nd.

“After 2 years of development on Eddie, we’re bringing a product to market whose mission is to outperform speakers at many times its cost.”

Beverly Hills, California, April 22, 2016

Evoke™ Loudspeakers will launch its first model, “Eddie™” at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016. The first day is for the press only followed by 3 days of access by audiophROSIE_CAVENEER.CDDiles. Eddie will be performing in Room 1046 driven by NuPRIME electronics and using WyWires interconnects and speaker cables.

“Eddie” is the first of a planned product line that will include a smaller monitor, a tower version of Eddie and several larger models along with a dedicated center channel, subwoofers and ATMOS surround speakers.

According to John Casler, charged with distribution and marketing for EVOKE, “After 2 years of development we’re bringing a product to market that only VMPS could have conceived before.” He added: “It exceeded my expectations and a select group of ex-VMPS owners when we compared it to the much larger award-winning RM40.”

The center-piece of “Eddie” is the StratF1™ planar midrange driver. Evoke searched globally to find a partner to create a custom midrange worthy of the audiophile market. It has extraordinary headroom delivering effortless performance.

While the StratF1 extends well past 20 KHz in response, it crosses over to a TrueFlat™ ribbon tweeter to utilize the ideal bandwidth and dispersion characteristics of both drivers.

Creating a transition from a planar to a woofer has always been a challenge. EVOKE features a custom aluminum mid-woofer whose moving mass weighs in at just under 18 grams. The well-conceived crossover and cabinet loading makes the transition between the two drivers virtually indiscernible.

The crossover features audiophile grade components including Mundorf Supreme capacitors, KYRO binding posts and WyWires internal wiring. The standard finish for Eddie is Rosewood.

“Evoke has been a passion project” states Mark Summers, CEO of Evoke Loudspeakers adding: “Every aspect of the speaker is optimized without compromise. At the same time, we believe we’ve created an affordable audiophile product that outperforms speakers at many times its cost.”

Evoke has also created a “Founders’ Circle” for early adopters. They will qualify for special introductory pricing, a two-year upgrade option and a lifetime discount on all future Evoke products.

Audition “Eddie” along with NuPrime and WyWires in room 1046 at the upcoming T.H.E. Show. For more information, visit or contact Casler or Summers.

About Evoke Speakers

EVOKE finds its inspiration from legends like Arnie Nudell of Infinity, John Dahlquist, David Hafler and many more. EVOKE is further inspired by the late Brian Cheney of VMPS Audio who believed you could build a state-of-the-art product for a reasonable price that often exceeded the performance of much higher priced loudspeakers.

The goal of EVOKE loudspeakers is to inspire you to listen to your music or watch a film as if for the first time – to hear it as if it were live in the moment, natural, in a holographic space, at ease and dynamic.

Once you audition them you will know what it means to forget you are listening to electronics and speakers, and become immersed within your favorite films or music.


NuPrime, will be showing an impressive product array at T.H.E. Show that include Streaming Music Servers, Players, Audio Video Receivers, DACs, Power Amps, Integrated Amps, Headphone Amps, and personalized applications ranging from basic audio systems to the most elaborate home-theater systems.

NuPrime is the proud recipient of four American Product of the Year Awards in 2015 alone, plus numerous awards and accolades worldwide.

About WyWires

WyWires came into existence after eight years of research and empirical testing. Massive cables and the “overkill” approach don’t always equate to the ultimate music experience.

WyWires has turned conventional wisdom on its ear – transforming everything from interference reduction, to electrical parameters, to cable construction techniques. The result is an easy to use cable that completely transports you to the studio or stage, complete with foot-tapping, goose bumps and even shedding a tear.


John Casler
Distribution and Sales

Mark Summers


Premiere: Scan-Speak B1371 Loudspeaker

32w_4878tMadisound and PBN Audio will be launching the Scan-Speak B1371, a 3-way transmission line loudspeaker at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016.

Designed by Peter Noerbaek, featuring world renowned Revelator drivers, the B1371 employs the 32W/4878T 13” woofer, new high efficiency 18M/4631T 7” slit cone midrange, and D2908/7140 1″ Beryllium dome tweeter. The woofer will be fitted into a 25Hz transmission line.

This speaker is available as a DIY kit from Madisound, or a finished speaker from PBN Audio.

Check them out in rooms 1413 & 1415 (14th floor).

Premiere: Focal Sopra No3

North American Debut: A Focal Sopra No3 listening party, powered by electronics from the incomparable Naim and featuring Super Lumina cables.  Listen for yourself in the Cabana Room (outside, main floor between T.H.E. Lounge and pool)

Flyer_Sopra3Make sure to visit Audio Plus Services in rooms 1313, 1315, 1317 and Booth F01 in the Marketplace Foyer for a chance to win your very own Mu-so Qb by Naim.  Raffle at 3pm Sunday, 6/5.

Premiere: REDGUM Black Series Amplifiers

BBQs turn up everywhere in Australia! But underneath an amplifier?! Indeed, Australia’s REDGUM Black Series amplifiers take the meaning of being Down Under quite literally by placing their grill-like heat sink just there – down under.

Purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances, these high-current amps are guaranteed to add the sizzle to the musical steak. (N.B. Flipping is not required.)

No smoke without firRedgume, this Black Series is making its debut in the U.S. at Newport, but long before that, REDGUM, “the amp with the key” in the glorious Red Gum wood front panel, could be easily recognized by its unique Dual Mono remote control.  Enter to win your own REDGUM Black Signature Series RGi35ENR inside room 1011! Raffle drawing to take place in Hotel Irvine Lobby at 3:00pm on Sunday, June 5th.

Premiere: Wilson Audio Alexx loudspeaker

Alexx by WilsonAlexx incorporates Wilson’s latest thinking on loudspeaker design in the areas of time-domain geometry, driver configuration, and driver development. It is the latest beneficiary of Wilson’s ongoing analysis of low-resonance cabinet strategies via laser micrometer. Alexx draws from both recent designs such as the Alexia and the Sabrina, as well as the WAMM—Dave Wilson’s up and coming Magnum Opus—with which it was developed concurrently.  Visit Wilson Audio in Turtle Rock A & B (2nd floor).

Read the official Alexx Press Release here.

Premiere: Diana Forte Amplifier

Debuting at THE SHOW Newport will be the Diana Forte “The Most Powerful Stereo Single Ended Triode Amplifier In The World”!!

With a IMG_3934meIMG_3935asured 60W RMS (70W Peak) of Pure Class A power and an output impedance of 1.6 OHMS, this Stereo Amplifier has the authority to the most demanding speakers with ease.  As an added benefit of the Diana Series, the Diana Forte can be perfectly matched to the Diana Mezzo Preamplifier via Aries Cerat A  C Link technology.

For more information contact Believe High Fidelity at (512) 470-2709, email or visit room 319.

Premiere: Purist Audio Design

Purist Audio Design débuts our 30th Anniversary USB and 30th Anniversary AC cables, in Newport! Each 30th Anniversary cable is uniquely tailored to your needs, and is made for the most disnewport_ad_350x350cerning of high-end systems. Aside from being made by only our most talented artesians, the 30th Anniversary boasts many technological advancements. You will find that the 30th Anniversary USB utilises isolated power and data signals for a clear, clean signal. We’ve kept your existing system in mind, and through careful engineering, have made the 30th USB in such a way as to to let you use your existing equipment. In addition, we’ve included passive filtering to create the purist experience possible. The 30th Anniversary Power Cable features not only improved shielding and dampening, we’ve also upgraded its custom AC power conditioning. To top it all off, we’ve included as standard, Furutech’s Nano Crystal2 Formula connectors! All 30th Anniversary cables are custom built for your system and made in the USA. Let us connect you to the music. Or, call us at 1-979-265-5114 and tell us about your system and ask how we can help.

Visit Purist Audio Design in rooms 1147, 1148, 1149


Premiere: SST (Spread Spectrum Technologies)

Come see and hearSST the new Son of Ampzilla II amplifier and Thoebe II preamplifier from world-renowned SST. HiFi+ magazine called time spent with SST gear “a revelation and a privilege” and in the current issue of The Absolute Sound (distributed at THE Show), Paul Seydor writes “when it comes to the sound, [the Son of Ampzilla II and Thoebe II] units remind me of the Ambrosia and Ampzilla 2000: the same quietness, smoothness, transparency, dynamic range, and that elusive impression of body, dimensionality, and solidity.” Come by room 210 to see and hear them for yourself, paired with Acoustic Zen speakers.

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T.H.E. Show Anaheim has been postponed.

It is with deep regret that we inform you T.H.E. Show Anaheim has been postponed to a new date in 2018. It was not an easy decision to make but it was a necessary decision.

Refunds will be issued to ticket holders in the next 3-4 weeks.
Should you have any questions, please PM us.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Exhibitor Profile: AudioLogic Location: Mez 12

AudioLogic is High End Audio at its best in Orange County and Los Angeles County.
Products that will be available for audition in their exhibitor room are: Aavik , Ansuz, Esoteric, and Radio.
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Exhibitor Profile: Light Up My Holiday Location: B5

Light Up My Holiday will showcase elegant Christmas lighting, backyard patio lighting and unique special event lighting for luxury residential, businesses and special events.
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