T.H.E. Home Entertainment Show To Take Center Stage in Anaheim

Anaheim, CA—July 2017—T.H.E. Show Anaheim (formerly known as T.H.E. Show Newport—the best attended high-end Audio Show in North America), is set to take place September 21-24, 2017 in a brand new location—The Hilton Anaheim, steps away from Disneyland.  Show attendees will enjoy a full weekend of entertainment while previewing some of the worlds most exciting luxury brands ranging from high-end consumer electronics, exotic cars, fine wines, fashion, and more.

For music lovers and Audiophiles of all levels, T.H.E. Show Anaheim will be Southern California’s largest high-end consumer electronics Show ever offering attendees an opportunity to see and hear the latest in loudspeakers, audio components, home theater, video, HDTV, digital music, vinyl recordings, headphones, virtual reality, and more.  Show attendees ranging from dedicated gear heads to first time buyers can preview and demonstrate millions of dollars worth of components from more than 400 brands from all over the world.  Tickets to the event include access to exhibits, educational seminars with industry luminaries, exotic car show, wine tastings, and live music all day into the evening, and more!  In 2016, over 10,359 people came to see and hear the finest entertainment products available.

Highlights of T.H.E. Show Anaheim

Land Rover and Jaguar, sponsors of T.H.E. Show Anaheim, will be onsite with some of their hot new models.  Show attendees will be a part of an exclusive preview, meet factory representatives, and enjoy presentations on new design features and specs.  Plus they will get a sneak peek of the new 2018 models!

For auto aficionados, Rick Reus of Reus Audio Systems will display some amazing luxury autos with outstanding custom designed sound systems.

John Novello

Top musical entertainment is on tap with a performance by Jazz Keyboardist/Composer, Producer and Author John Novello & the All Star Band featuring Tom Scott.  Plus The Papermoon Gypsy’s, winner of two LA Critics Awards in 2016:  Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite, will perform delivering a big dose of Blues at it’s core and a wild side of Rock and Roots.

Not to be missed is the Exclusive Runway Ballet—a unique VIP fashion show featuring professional ballerinas showcasing the latest mobile audio products and designer clothing from Sen Couture for men and women.


T.H.E. Show Anaheim has partnered with several local restaurants that will offer show attendees special discounts or signature cocktails in honor of the event.

Educational Seminars

Rikki Farr

RIVA Audio Founder and Chairman, Rikki Farr will be on hand to talk about his memorable career and answer questions from attendees.  Rikki has spent his life producing the best live audio experiences on the planet. From the production and promotion of early town hall shows for the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many others, to the arena concerts and music festivals for legends like Bob Dylan, The Who, Guns N Roses, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley and many more, Rikki and his engineers have been perfecting the “formula” for live sound and pioneering the best technologies available for many decades.

Dr. Floyd Toole

Dr. Floyd Toole, a leading expert in the field of sound reproduction and renowned in the audio world for his acoustical and psychoacoustical research, will conduct two informative sessions:

The Science of Sound Master Class 1 – Loudspeakers

The Science of Sound Master Class 2 – Loudspeakers/Room Systems

Dr. Toole will also be signing copies of his new book Sound Reproduction which will also be available for purchase at the event.


$15.00/one day or $40/weekend

Purchase tickets:

T.H.E. Show Anaheim will take place at the Hilton Anaheim, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA.  T.H.E. Show opens to the public on September 22 at 10AM-8PM, Saturday, September 23 from 10AM-7PM and Sunday, September 24 from 10AM-5PM.  Registration opens at 7AM daily.

Journalist Note:

The Show will open to members of the press and VIPS on September 21 12PM-8PM. Please pre-register online at to avoid long lines in the Press Room.

The Papermoon Gypsys will be at T.H.E. Show

T.H.E. Show Anaheim is excited to announce that the Papermoon Gypsys will perform on Thursday evening at 6:00 on the Lanai Deck at the Hilton Anaheim.

Winner of two LA Critics Awards in 2016: Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite, the Papermoon Gypsys features frontman Kenny “Big Daddy” Williams and his daughter Lexi G along with Albert Margolis-keyboards, Tony “T-Bird” Robin-bass/vocals, and Ray Weston on drums. Based in Orange County, CA, The Papermoon Gypsy’s deliver a big dose of Blues at it’s core and a wild side of Rock and Roots added to create their own unique blend.

Exhibitors at The Home Entertainment Show 2017

It’s finally here!  You’ll be seeing these Exhibitors at The Home Entertainment Show @Anaheim in September!

Thank you for the continued support!

-T.H.E. Show Team

  • Aaudio Imports
  • Analog Shop
  • Angel City Audio
  • Audio Skies
  • Audio Union
  • Ayon Audio
  • BASE Audio
  • Cake Audio
  • CH Precision
  • Elusive Disc
  • Emerald Physics
  • ERGO21
  • Factory Records
  • Hegel
  • highend-electronics Inc
  • Legacy Audio
  • Mura Audio
  • NFS
  • Ocean Way Audio
  • Odyssey Audio
  • OuterSpace Records
  • Peachtree Audio
  • Perla AudioPrecision Audio & Video
  • PS Audio
  • RIVA Audio
  • Sanders Sound Systems
  • Stillpoints
  • Technical Brain
  • Timbre & Luces USA LLC
  • Triangle Arts
  • Underwood HiFi
  • Wynn Audio

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Reviewers View T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, David Robinson Posititve Feedback and Peter Breuninger

Please visit and for the best high performance product videos and forums on the Internet. We are the premier destination for high end audio equipment reviews, company tours, show reports and forums.

U.S. Debut of Voxativ Zeth and Hagen Loudspeakers

Voxativ & highend-electronics announce the U.S. Debut of Voxativ Zeth and Hagen Loudspeakers:

Apple Valley, CA June 4, 2016:

highend-electronics and Voxativ are very proud to announce the U.S. debut of the brand new Voxativ Zeth floor-standing and Hagen bookshelf/stand-mounted loudspeakers.

Read more



ECLIPSE24th May 2016, London: ECLIPSE, the high-performance loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion- dollar global technology giant, will be presenting a high-performance ‘2.2’ audio system at T.H.E Show, Newport, California (June 03 rd to 05 th 2016) Room 410

ECLIPSE will be presenting stereo with a difference at this year’s T.H.E Show (The Home Entertainment Show) with a 2.2 system that showcases the company’s accurate sound technology and ‘invisible loudspeaker’ sonic presentation.

Following the company’s successful participation at The Home Entertainment Show in 2015, plus numerous other US shows in recent months, including the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and CES, ECLIPSE will be returning to the US once again, supporting their US distributor On A Higher Note (

ECLIPSE’s incredible 2.2 system comprises two TD510ZMK2 speakers (£3,840 pair), complemented by two TD520SW subwoofers (£3,000 each). The system has been optimised to reproduce the huge soundstage and holographic imaging that ECLIPSE has become known for, making the speakers seem ‘invisible’. ECLIPSE’s TD510ZMK2 stand-mount speakers nestle just beneath the flagship TD712ZMK2 with the TD520SW subwoofer being the more affordable of ECLIPSE’s two offerings.

In addition to the main 2.2 system, ECLIPSE will also have its award-winning Airplay-ready high-resolution- enabled TD-M1 ultimate desktop audio system on demonstration. High performance partnering electronics will be provided by Luxman.

ECLIPSE will be in Room 410 looking forward to welcoming visitors. Click here to read the full Press Release.

Blue Coast Records

Demos of on-demBlue Coastand DSD streaming, live performances and recordings, artist interviews, new releases, giveaways–and much, much more, June 2nd-5th, at the Hotel Irvine!

Blue Coast Records producer, engineer, head honcha and impresaria Cookie Marenco will present a number of special live events at The Home Entertainment Show (THE Show)/Newport Beach, held at the Hotel Irvine, Thursday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 5th.There will be equipment demos, live performances by many Blue Coast artists, signing events, and much more.

Activities will kick off on Press Day, June 2nd, in the Blue Coast exhibit rooms, 411& 412, from 2-6 PM:

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See Prism Sound Audiophile & Prism Sound Test and Measurement

the-show-newport-eblastSee Prism Sound Audiophile & Prism Sound Test and Measurement at the T.H.E Show Newport – Room 437

Prism Sound Audiophile

CALLIA – Music playback the way it should be.

CALLIA is a USB and S/PDIF digital preamplifier incorporating the finest Digital to Analogue converter technology with line level outputs, plus an independent low-impedance headphone output channel with its own volume control. For your stereo loudspeaker system or headphone listening, Callia is the new reference.

Prism Sound do not mass produce electronics. Our products are specialized performance devices built for the most discerning listeners where sophisticated and innovative technologies set them apart. Prism Sound has been building world-leading digital audio products for over 28 years and has built an enviable reputation for unbeatable performance and technical excellence. Callia sets a new standard of neutrality and sonic excellence that immerses you in the musical experience.

Visit for full product and specification detail

Prism Sound Test and Measurement

The dScope Series III will be on display at THE Show. dScope Series III is a well proven audio analyzer system suitable for R&D and production applications with full automation via internal VBScript interpreter or ActiveX/Com. dScope Series III provides a real-time audio analyzer plus high resolution FFT analysis, digital interface analyzer and more.

Bring your product along to our booth and have it measured by dScope Series III for free!

Visit for full product and specification detail


Press Release: DEQX, Room 1021

Visit DEQX at THE Show Newport Room 1021

May 24th, 2016 |As DEQX nears its 20th anniversary, its mission to enable affordable ‘HD‐Speaker’ performance using its patented low‐latency Impulse‐Response correction and 3rd generation linear-phase active speaker architecture is gaining momentum. Several major manufacturers in recent times have announced “… new DSP Impulse Response correction that revolutionize speaker design “ … well better late than never!

At previous shows we have demonstrated improvements gained by calibrating established speaker models from Magnepan, Gallo, YG Acoustics and others. This year we show how ‘3rd Generation Active’ speaker architecture that DEQX pioneered in the 90’s can be used to create affordable ‘HD‐Speakers’.

DEQX calibrates your system using patented Impulse Response Compensation Technology™. ‘On‐time’ frequency groups are delayed so that ‘late‐arriving’ frequency groups can ‘catch up’ to preserve the original recording’s timing coherence. At the same time frequency‐response errors are corrected in fine detail from speaker (not room) measurements. DEQX then measures the room to compensate for low frequency room issues that mask detail.

In this demonstration a compact sealed 3‐way enclosure uses DEQX HD‐active architecture with affordable high‐resolution (very low distortion) drivers. The 7” bass/lower‐mid is a SEAS Prestige aluminum driver with 0.3% distortion providing 50dB resolution below 500Hz (normally we expect 1% THD ‐ or 40dB resolution in that area). The 3” Eton upper midrange driver from 500Hz to 3kHz provides excellent 0.1% THD providing 60dB of clean resolution from 500Hz to 3kHz where normally we expect from 40dB resolution (1% THD) to 50dB resolution (0.3% THD) in that area. The Eton then crosses to a 1” Scan Speak Illuminator Beryllium tweeter providing equally high resolution above 3kHz.

The DEQX HDP5’s crossovers feed separate bass, mid and tweeter amplifiers for each driver with steep 48dB/octave and 60dB/octave linear‐phase crossovers. Each driver’s crossover filters are combined with their customized Impulse Response calibration filter created from a near‐filed (anechoic) measurement. Finally, for awesome bass extension a slave DEQX unit drives two 10” JL Audio subwoofers below 150Hz.

For ultimate results DEQX calibration processors are integrated with their own state‐of‐the‐art ADC’s to allow transparent analogue inputs from Vinyl or analogue Preamps. Three sets of internal premium stereo DACs drive the external power amps. The Bass and Midrange amps are a prototype A/B DEQX design while a 5‐watt S.E.T valve amp powers the tweeter. The HDP5 also provides direct rendering of networked audio sources and streamed Internet media management from third party sources J‐River, and ROON with Tidal integration.

Don’t forget to view the video at that illustrates why loudspeaker’s (not room issues) are every system’s weakest link and how DEQX deals with it in ways that have previously been impossible. To view the video, visit our website or come to room 1021.

Visit DEQX at THE Show Newport Room 1021 and hear the difference DEQX makes!

Download the full Press Release here.

, ,


Burwell and Sons would like to invite you to visit them at T.H.E. Show Newport to experience their new for 2016


The Burwell’s are excited to see what music lovers think of their latest creation they call THE SINGLE JACKS. Single jack, noun. one handed, 3-4lb miniature sledgehammer

Burwell2The Burwell’s applied their unique approach to speaker building to the design of these new prototypes. Aesthetics being paramount to the Burwell’s, they were led down a path to multiple, smaller, sealed enclosures to achieve the unobtrusive beauty and musicality they were after. The modest sized enclosures are easy to place in a room to neutralize room anomalies. At the Burwell’s moderate size listening room, the most favorable location happens to be directly behind the main speakers facing back. They literally disappear.

The package being shown includes two, 1 cu ft, sealed enclosures, each housing a 12” woofer. The floating grill, designed as a “Cat Guard”, will also fend off small children and grandchildren. This particular package is powered by two 1000 watt freestanding amplifiers.

The Burwell’s started out with the recommended cabinet sizes for the woofers being used, but felt the performance, while technically correct, tended to be bloated and difficult to control. With smaller enclosures, they sacrificed some extreme low end but felt the results more than make up for it. The smaller enclosures enable a diverse genre of music to be played from low to extreme SPL levels quite effortlessly. Fast and tight is the order of the day to keep up with the dynamic realism of the Homage Series Loudspeakers. If you believe, “loud is beautiful if it’s clean”, then you won’t be disappointed.

Speaking of beautiful and not being disappointed, the Burwell’s have invited an old friend to join them.




is bringing his beautiful Blackhawk 20WPC integrated tube amplifier. Hopefully, the understated elegance of Dave and designer S.E Han’s masterpiece won’t overshadow the Burwell’s Homage’s in the beauty portion of this pageant. Raven’s gorgeous mono blocks were turning heads at RMAF 2014, but it was his 4 watt Gold Finch mini system pushing the Burwell’s that prompted one writer to state, “Tin Pan Alley was playing when I entered….this was flat out the best I’d ever heard this cut.” Dave and Mr. Han know how to bring it.

The Burwell’s will be bringing their digital music collection, and have turned to a new friend for help with that.




has graciously provided the latest version of their Mytek Manhattan DAC in a glorious black finish. While Chebon Littlefield of Mytek will be showcasing their new Brooklyn DAC in the lobby through headphones, the Burwell’s will be upstairs showing why you’ll need headphones after you’ve upset the neighbors. The improvement in sound and performance was dramatic and wonderful since the Manhattan was plugged into the equation.

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better, everything was plugged together with cables provided by




Wow! If there ever was any debate at the Burwell compound about the effect of cables, the debate ended when Mr. Schultz sent them a package of gems from High Fidelity Cables. Even though the senior Mr. Burwell is half blind and deaf, he can clearly see how much better the sound is and has heard they might be the most beautiful part of an amazing package.

Take the stairs to the fourth floor and treat your eyes and ears to a visit with the Burwell’s.


Download the printer-friendly Press Release here.

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T.H.E. Show Anaheim has been postponed.

It is with deep regret that we inform you T.H.E. Show Anaheim has been postponed to a new date in 2018. It was not an easy decision to make but it was a necessary decision.

Refunds will be issued to ticket holders in the next 3-4 weeks.
Should you have any questions, please PM us.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Exhibitor Profile: AudioLogic Location: Mez 12

AudioLogic is High End Audio at its best in Orange County and Los Angeles County.
Products that will be available for audition in their exhibitor room are: Aavik , Ansuz, Esoteric, and Radio.
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Exhibitor Profile: Light Up My Holiday Location: B5

Light Up My Holiday will showcase elegant Christmas lighting, backyard patio lighting and unique special event lighting for luxury residential, businesses and special events.
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