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Premiere: Press Release: Focal Sopra No3 Official North American Debut

focal sopraIrvine CA, June 3, 2016

Sopra is an historic achievement for Focal. Sopra N°1 and N°2 were praised by industry professionals (Sopra N°2 received an EISA award, among others) but music enthusiasts alike.

Today, the story continues. The Sopra line is expanding as we introduce new products.

Sopra N°3 is the largest of the Hi-Fi line, and features all the Sopra innovations (IHL tweeter, TMD surround and NIC magnetic circuit). Dynamic and musical with generous, tight bass, they easily express their potential at any volume.

The Sopra range is complete and coherent: Sopra N°1, bookshelf speakers intended for modest listening rooms; Sopra N°2, compact floor standing speakers for moderate rooms; and finally, Sopra N°3 for large systems!

TO HEAR SOPRA NO3 visit us in the CABANA BOARDROOM (near the pool)

TO HEAR SOPRA NO2 visit us in ROOM 1317

Download the full Press Release here.