Blue Coast Records

Demos of on-demBlue Coastand DSD streaming, live performances and recordings, artist interviews, new releases, giveaways–and much, much more, June 2nd-5th, at the Hotel Irvine!

Blue Coast Records producer, engineer, head honcha and impresaria Cookie Marenco will present a number of special live events at The Home Entertainment Show (THE Show)/Newport Beach, held at the Hotel Irvine, Thursday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 5th.There will be equipment demos, live performances by many Blue Coast artists, signing events, and much more.

Activities will kick off on Press Day, June 2nd, in the Blue Coast exhibit rooms, 411& 412, from 2-6 PM:

-Cookie will demonstrate the Primeseat DSD streaming on demand system, which was used recently for the historic first US live DSD broadcast of Jenna Mammina and Alex de Grassi!
-That same duo, Alex de Grassi and Jenna Mammina, will perform live from 4:00-4:30
-Valerie Joyce and Marco de Carvalho will perform live from 5:00-5:30
-All artists and Cookie Marenco will be available for scheduled interviews between 2-6 PM. Downloads are available to press for review of specified music, available in DSD, WAV or FLAC formats, including DSD256 in some cases. Contact: Elena Brewster for scheduling and for review downloads.
-The Newport Blue Coast Sampler 1 is available as downloads or as MQD 24K Gold CD. Press can request free review copies of downloads or disc; come to the Blue Coast exhibit rooms 411 & 412 to get a free disc.

THE Blue Coast Hour will be held in THE Lounge at the Hotel Irvine Pavilion, June 2, 8:30- 9:30 PM.
Featured Blue Coast Artists, in order of performance:
Meghan Andrews and Marco Ferrero
Valerie Joyce and Marco de Carvalho
Jenny Maybee and Nick Phillips
Jenna Mammina and Alex de Grassi
Artists will be available for disc-signings, and CDs will be available from all artists.

All during the show, the Limited Edition Newport Blue Coast Sampler 1 MQD 24K Gold CD and DSD 256 Downloads, as well as discs and downloads of artists performing in THE Blue Coast Hour, will be available to press and manufacturers upon request: no charge!

Meanwhile, back at Blue Coast Records exhibit rooms 411 & 412 every day during regular show hours, Cookie and her crew will be demonstrating new music, gear from Sony, Pyramix, on-demand DSD streaming, answering questions, and featuring appearances by your favorite Blue Coast Artists. Special industry guests to be announced!

-CDs, MQDs, SACDs, Download Cards, Buy One Get One Free coupons will be available for sale and giveaway in the room.

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