Beverley Harber 1952-2017

Sadly, once again I must say goodbye to a friend and colleague and partner

Dear Industry Friends and Family,

Unfortunately I must bring sad news concerning one of T.H.E. Show’s founders and owners. Beverley Harber passed away in her sleep Nov 21, 2017 at Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas. She struggled and fought hard, but once again Lung Cancer took away a wonderful person.

Many of you heard of Beverley and some knew her directly. She was an unseen force behind the Audio Shows. She created all the source books for many years, helped finance T.H.E. Show, and constantly promoted high-end audio believing in its value.

Beverley had a tough start in life. Emigrating from England after World War II, first to Canada then to the U.S.A..

Her first love was horse riding and training. Unfortunately, her promising career ended when a horse rolled on-top of her and broke her leg. She then became a professional photographer.

She moved to Las Vegas, Richard soon followed, starting her own business and eventually transitioning into banking after a stint at Ethel M’s.

She worked in banking for 19 years. She started in operations at Nevada State Bank, then was promoted to Vice President of Marketing and then VP of Finance. Eventually she moved over to Zions Bancorp (the parent company) in Salt Lake City in the Enterprise Data Warehouse group. She maintained many of her past relationships and created many new ones in Salt Lake.

Beverley was astonished and amazed at the number of friends and family that came to say goodbye. She saw the impact of her life on so many people. A very very special thank you to everyone who continued to visit, text, and call. It made her final months so special.

I am sure Richard and her brother and parents were there to greet and welcome her to her new home.

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Thank you

Mr. Maurice Jung | President
T.H.E Show

Memories of Beverley

Maurice Jung – T.H.E. Show – “It is sad that once again I am loosing more than a friend and colleague. She was a huge part of my life and many others in this world and will be sorely missed. Bev did many roles in her life seen and unseen. I will miss her dearly.”

Nick Wright – “Beverley was a wonderful woman. A unseen, but not unfelt force behind T.H.E. Show. She’ll be missed.”

Phillip Misiak – “One of my favorite memories is driving across the country from Mich. to California. Getting to know each other, running over snakes & getting hit in the face by a giant hairy moth! Thanks for teaching me how to can! You inspired me to cook & not be afraid of a recipe! Also bar tending together! XOXO”

Vickie Robinson – The most fun I had in my life was in 1980 when I moved to Anaheim, CA and shared a house with Rich, Bev and Phil for 2 years.They became my closest friends. I will miss my Beverbee (I got drunk one night and the name stuck) and hopefully she & Rich will save me a place wherever they are! Love you!

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