Hello exhibitors,

It is with deep regret that I must report to you that I have decided to postpone T.H.E. Show @ Anaheim for 2017 and move it to a new date in 2018. This was not an easy decision for me and the great team of T.H.E. Show to make but several reasons have come into play that have made this decision necessary.

I hope you will understand why as you are entitled to know:

1. The limited participation from high-end exhibitors – too many shows and lack of budgets.

2. Hotel room sales compared to last year are smaller; and a six-figure payment due just recently asked by the Hotel (Hotel attrition requirements), in addition to what is already been paid to the Hotel. This would be financially unattainable with 3 weeks notice before T.H.E. Show!!

3. Our concern is also for the attendee / customer experience as well as yours. In our history, T.H.E. Show has never put on a mediocre event, not ever. Richard Beers would never have done it and neither will I. Many of you have already experienced mediocre show recently, in some cases financially devastating to many businesses. Without a good Return on Investment (ROI), it’s not good for you, T.H.E. Show or our customers. The word of mouth and print on a mediocre show goes far and wide.

4. This one is the most heartbreaking of all. The second owner of T.H.E. Show, Beverly Harber, Richards life long partner, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Small cell non-squamous Terminal cancer. Some of you may have met Beverly, who was the talent behind the throne so to speak. She created some of the first source books and also help finance T.H.E. Show for many years in the belief that T.H.E. Show would help an industry always under pressure to succeed. Beverly has recently moved from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas with me for better care in the company of family and friends. Cancer is truly a cruel and unforgiving disease. (UPDATE – December 6, 2017: We’re sad to share with you that Beverley has passed away from cancer.)

All attendees and exhibitors will receive full refunds over the next 30 to 45 days. Kyle Robertson from T.H.E. Show Office will oversee the details to ensure proper refund to all.

I do want to thank all of those who have supported T.H.E. Show in the past and hope you will join us in 2018 when we announce a new date.


Maurice R. Jung, President

T.H.E. Show

September 7th, 2017